Petja Grafenauer

ABOUT ŽIGA KARIŽ   Žiga Kariž (born 1973) is Slovenian visual artist, working in a cross section of classical visual... View Article

Alenka Trebušak

FREUD, MARX AND SELF The structure of Žiga Kariž’s works is complex and partly derives also from the modernistic tradition.... View Article

Žiga Dobnikar

Žiga Kariž: La mariée fuck yeah What is the place of the avant-garde, with its loud, seemingly nonsensical provocations, its... View Article

Petja Grafenauer

Bernik, Kariž: NEW WORKS Žiga Kariž and Viktor Bernik. Two artists, two painters. First and foremost, painters at a time... View Article

Zdenka Badovinac

Žiga Kariž represents the younger generation of artists, who problematise the field of painting through the use of media image... View Article

Katie Geha

excerpts from text: ALEN OŽBOLT AND ŽIGA KARIŽ: LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD A language with a category devoted specifically to... View Article